Take 2 Powerful Steps to Recover What
the Enemy Has Stolen From You

God wants you to have and live life to the fullest extent possible. But the devil is a thief - not just any thief - he is the thief. He wants to take all that God has provided for you. Satan uses deception to steal what is rightfully yours and then convinces you there is nothing you can do about it. The good news is you can get it back!

Step #1: Request 6 Powerful Ways to Recover What Satan Has Stolen From You

I want to dispel the myth that the thief can have full reign over your life. Let me share with you right now six overlooked steps you can use right now - today - to begin recovering ALL that Satan has stolen from you. To get these powerful steps Free by email, simply FILL IN the short form below and click on "Send My Powerful Steps." Then read Step #2 below while your email request processes.

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No matter who you are or where you live, the thief has taken something from you. Maybe it’s your health, peace or joy. Maybe the thief has taken your children or grandchildren down a path of self destruction. Maybe he has taken your peace of mind and placed you in a constant state of worry about money or lost opportunities.

John 10:10 says that Satan is the thief who takes all this and more from you, but Jesus came to give you life and abundance. I want to share with you even more powerful, Biblical steps to GET BACK what Satan has stolen from you.

Step #2: Order My Inspirational New 5-CD Audio Resource: Give Me Back My Stuff

Don’t hesitate! I’d have some more powerful messages to teach you on this topic (see below) but I need to drop them in the mail. I am sharing these audio resources because I want you to live in the blessing and abundance that God has purposed for your life. Don’t live with less than He has for you, whether its health, peace, joy, opportunities or relationships!

Of course the Bible has much more to say about taking back EVERYTHING the devil has stolen from you. That’s why we have a special offer for you. I want you to have my brand new Give Me Back My Stuff 5-CD package. This package contains several of my most powerful teachings about taking back what Satan has stolen from you.

Give Me Back My Stuff 4-CD Audio Series

For example, a few years ago the devil had stolen from me thousands of dollars I invested in a friend’s business that later went bankrupt. I came across the verses in Give Me Back My Stuff and put into practice what God’s Word told me to do and demanded that Satan pay me back the money he had stolen from me. Within days, I opened my mailbox to find a check for the amount I had lost!

I want to send you this powerful new Give Me Back My Stuff 5 audio CD resource for your generous gift of any amount to support our ministry this month. With your help, we reach out and minister to you and hundreds of thousands of people in need around the world through television, at church, via our food ministries, and more. Please do your very best as you give, and remember—if you want a great harvest, don’t hold back on sowing the seed!

You can live in the blessing and abundance that God has purposed to pour out on your life! Request your Give Me Back My Stuff 5-CD package today for your generous gift of $25 or more.

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