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Gregory Dickow Ministries, Love Revolution Partner Special
Love Revolution Partner Special
Resource Price: $25.00
Special Gift Amount: $20.00

Love Revolution Partner Special

Have you ever wondered how much different your love for others would look if you knew perfect love as your Heavenly Father? Have you ever wondered why you feel depressed, worried, rejected, or are having trouble finding purpose in your own life? Many struggles like this are rooted from a Father Fracture. It's time for you to see the deepest desires of your heart fulfilled, and to allow your Heavenly Father to reveal his own love to you in a personal way! Although no earthly father is perfect, your Heavenly Father is waiting to reveal His perfect love and peace to you.

The first component of this bundle, "Healing the Father Fracture", will take you on a journey that will change your life forever. In this 2 CD Series you will learn that the Father's love is the only thing that can truly satisfy any emptiness in your heart. As you discover the love of your Heavenly Father, Pastor Dickow will guide and encourage you to become a better parent with your own children, and to take the necessary steps to better understand your earthly father.

Lastly, you will receive the book, "So Loved" by Pastor Dickow. You will develop an understanding that God's love cannot be stopped by anything. No armies can invade it, no time can diminish it, and no enemies can overpower it. It is time for you to know the depths of God's love for you in your own life! As you find your identity in the love of your Heavenly Father, you will experience a life that far exceeds anything you could have ever thought or imagined!
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Visions & Dreams by Gregory Dickow
Visions & Dreams
Resource Price: $42.00
Special Gift Amount: $30.00

This powerful and life-changing teaching will show you how you can
discover and experience who you are in Christ, and empower you to
experience freedom from shame and take the next step to fulfill God's
ultimate purpose for your life.