God's love is so great for you, that nothing you can do can cause Him to pull away or turn His back on you. Absolutely nothing.

Gregory Dickow, is the founder and pastor of Life Changers International Church, one of the largest churches in the Chicagoland area. He is also the host of
The Power to Change Today
—an international television ministry that reaches a potential audience of over 900 million households weekly.

Pastor Gregory and Grace Dickow The Beginning
Born in Detroit, Michigan, Gregory Dickow's young life was filled with loneliness & pain. In his search for satisfaction and relief, Gregory became addicted to drugs and alcohol by the time he was 16 years old. Desperate for a reason to live, he attended a Bible study a co-worker had invited him to. It was at that Bible study, that he accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior & Lord, and was born-again. This pivotal experience marked the end of the chaotic period of his youth and the beginning of a revolutionary journey. His dramatic journey continued at college, where he immersed himself in God's Word and created an on-campus church, while completing his degree at Western Michigan University. While in college, he also spent several summers on the mission fields of Asia, sharing his faith, helping to build churches, and training young men and women in Christian leadership.

Feeling drawn by the Holy Spirit to launch a new church built upon the unfailing promises of God, Gregory and his wife, Grace, moved to Chicago, not long after they were married; and eventually began holding Bible studies in a hotel conference room. Beginning with just a handful of people, they incorporated as a church in 1993 while meeting in an elementary school gymnasium in Elk Grove, Illinois. This newly founded non-denominational church grew rapidly and attracted a dynamic & diverse congregation with the rich message of God's grace and love.

The Vision
Jesus said "Go into all the world, & preach the gospel; and 'Make disciples of all the nations…" Gregory Dickow believes that can best be done beginning right where you are. "We don't necessarily have to leave our city to reach the world. People are hurting all around us," Dickow says. "And people from all over the world have come to us, right here in the city of Chicago. They move here, work here & study here. They might as well become disciples of Jesus, right here! We can reach the world, starting in our own backyard; next door, at our jobs, in our classrooms. Everyone can reach someone with the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Gregory Dickow's unique vision led to the continued expansion of the church and to a spiritual renaissance that would eventually embrace the needs of thousands in the Chicagoland area by giving them a place to belong, a place to believe, and a place to be loved. In the fall of 2004, Life Changers International Church opened its new church campus and world outreach center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on 30 acres of land. The beautiful campus includes a 3,000 seat sanctuary, a 400 seat World Prayer Center, a multipurpose gymnasium, a leadership training center, and a fully equipped radio and TV studio.

The campus also houses Valeo Academy, a dynamic Christian school from kindergarten through twelfth grade. With Grace Dickow as founder, Valeo Academy focuses on an individualized approach to a classic curriculum, educating the next generation to walk in the character and power of God.

The church has also multiplied by launching a Downtown Chicago campus, marked by an unmistakable joy, filled with people from every ethnic group and every walk of life. The passion of the downtown church is winning souls and growing in the love and grace of God.

While they thank God for the success of the churches and the international television ministry, Gregory & Grace Dickow consider their five children to be the greatest reward of their lives.

The Future
The success of Life Changers Church can be summed up in Pastor Dickow's core message best described as—a word for this generation that is as timeless as it is contemporary. It touches every life; satisfies every soul, heals every pain—it is the great elixir of all that ails mankind. It is the radical, audacious, revolutionary, unconventional, unparalleled, relentless love of God!

He can often be heard saying: God's not mad at you, He is mad about you. This message of God's love, grace and power has been the foundation since the church's inception; and it is what has changed the lives of countless men and women; young and old. But we are just getting started! Pastor Dickow believes the greatest way to reach people is to go to them. It is our mission to reach the lost, hurting and broken. We can accomplish this through our outreach to the homes, the streets, the jails, the mission field, and the hearts of people from every background and every walk of life. Romans 13:8 says, "Owe no man anything, but to love him." Join us on our relentless journey to introduce people of every background, to the unconditional, revolutionary, love of God through Jesus Christ!

The Power to Change Today - TV Show
I am on a mission to teach you about God's relentless love that simply changes everything! Romans 2:4 says that it's the love of God; it's the goodness of God that leads us to repentance (or brings us to change). Change is so much easier when you discover God's way. It's God's grace, God's love changes us. True Christianity is not about the promises we make to God, but the promises He makes to us. Your walk with God is not about trying to get God to do something. No, it is about receiving what He has already given to you!

So several years ago, God began to take me on a journey—to show me his vast, endless love that reaches down so deep that it touched me where no one could touch; healed me where no one could heal; filled me where nothing could fill; and changed me forever! That's why I want to serve you beginning today; and walk with you on this journey of God's incomparable, indescribable, relentless, unending, unconditional love!

We're going on a journey together. Love changes everything. PURE LOVE. And PURE GRACE—it changes everything.