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The Wagons Are Coming - MP3 Messages
Pastor Gregory Dickow,  The Wagons Are Coming - MP3 Messages

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The Wagons Are Coming

The Old Testament recounts the day when Jacob saw the wagons in the distance and realized that they had been sent to bring him out of his famine and drought. When he saw the wagons, he knew that the answer to his hopes and prayers was on the way, and at that moment, he felt the chains of disappointment and hopelessness fall away.

In this inspiring 3-MP3 series, Gregory Dickow opens the Word of God to show you that your season of disappointment and despair ends today, because your wagons are coming!

  • If you're struggling with pain, "the wagons are coming" with healing!
  • If you're struggling with anxiety, "the wagons are coming" with peace!
  • If you're struggling with finances, "the wagons are coming" with prosperity!
  • If you're struggling with relationships, "the wagons are coming" with hope!

Your wagons are coming! Revival and refreshment is on the way! You don't have to struggle to find your destiny or wonder about God's purpose for your life. When you are alive in Christ and He is alive in you, you'll experience His extraordinary grace in every area of your life, and you'll discover that God is sending His "wagons" with everything you need!
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  • 3 MP3 Messages

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