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FFWT Day 34 - Redeemed from the Curse (4 CD Series)
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Redeemed from the Curse


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Redeemed from the Curse (4 CD Series)

Why are so many people and even Christians barely getting by financially, sickness plaguing their body, fear and failure oppressing their minds and family problems destroying their relationships? The answer is because of a curse that causes a person to be hemmed in with obstacles and to be powerless over their circumstances.

But the good news is according to Galatians 3, "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law" so you no longer have to live in defeat anymore! In Pastor Gregory Dickow's series, Redeemed from the Curse, he will give you the understanding you need to release the power of redemption so it stops the curse dead in its tracks, and show you how to release all of the blessings that God promised Abraham into your life today!

This 4-CD series will examine such topics as:

  • The 7 Areas of Your Life the Curse Affects
  • How to Walk Out of the Curse and Walk in the Blessing
  • Breaking the Cycle of Generational Curses
  • Destroying the Curse of Poverty
  • And much more

You don't have to live with poverty, emotional problems, sickness, fear or failure anymore! Change your life by applying the Biblical principles in Pastor Gregory Dickow's anointed 4-CD audio series, Redeemed from the Curse, and find out to experience your freedom from the curse today!
Items Included
  • 4-CD Audio Series

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