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Gregory Dickow Ministries, Fast From Wrong Thinking Gregory Dickow Ministries, How to Never Be Hurt Again

In this Fast From Wrong Thinking 40-Day Devotional by Pastor Gregory Dickow, you will begin to change your mind from the inside out!

Being lied about hurts... being misunderstood hurts... being rejected hurts, but did you know there is a promise from God that will protect you from being hurt ever again? In How to Never Be Hurt Again, you will learn: how to overcome past hurts in your life, the wrong response to hurt, the right response to hurt, the simple steps to being free, how to release supernatural favor in your life. Find out how!
Gregory Dickow Ministries, So Loved Gregory Dickow Ministries,Absolute Freedom From Anger
The love of God is invincible! "Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us" (Romans 8:37).
In this powerful 2 CD audio series, Pastor Dickow will give you the simple steps to winning the victory over anger. You will learn how to stop emotional outbursts and release self-control in your life.
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Your God is Amazing Bundle
The Power of a Spoken Blessing Collection by Gregory Dickow
Resource Price: $85.00
Special Gift Amount: $60.00
Your God is Amazing Bundle
Resource Price: $110.00
Special Gift Amount: $45.00

The Power of a Spoken Blessing Collection by Gregory Dickow

Are there any areas in your own life that you are waiting for a blessing to arise? Whether it is a blessing in your family, body, business, job, or your health, you will learn that those areas may be impacted through what you believe and what you speak. Pastor Dickow invites you on a journey to dive deep into the word of God and learn how to release the power of the gifts that come with the blessing of God!

The first component of this bundle will include the 3-CD series "The Blessing: The Most Powerful Force on Earth". You will hear Pastor Dickow break down how the blessings of God are all yours as a child of God.

Next, you will receive "The Promises, Benefits, and Miraculous Effects of the Blessing." This 3-CD series will uncover the spiritual as well as the natural benefits of operating in the blessings of God.

You'll also be taught the practical steps to release the blessings of the Lord to move you forward with the 3-CD series called "How to Release the Blessing Over Everything You Put Your Hand To."

Next, you will obtain your very own "Purpose Journal." This journal will help you track every day of your 90 days of blessing in your own life! Recording all that God has done for you will enable you to reflect on how God's blessing changed your life.

Finally, you will continue to practice speaking the Word of God over your life with Pastor Dickow's audio CD "Confessing God's Word". This resource will empower you to speak and see miracles happen!

Your God is Amazing Bundle

What if I told you that you are able to have assurance that your life is going to be amazing despite of any circumstances or trials that you are going through? I have good news for you! Your God is amazing! This means that your life is going to be amazing no matter how it looks now! Pastor Dickow wants you to join him in discovering that Jesus is living inside of you, and when you believe that, it starts to show up in your everyday life, even in a difficult situation.

In this bundle titled, Your God is Amazing, you are going to receive multiple resources that will empower you to walk in all that God has intended you to be.

First, you will receive the book paperback book More than Amazing Grace. Pastor Dickow wants to take you on a journey in understanding that there is no more trying to get right with God through your efforts, but learning to rely on the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

Next, you will receive the CD series, More than Amazing Grace. This series is to equip and teach you to forget your past mistakes and move forward as the righteousness of God.

The next piece of the bundle includes the CD series, Grace Awakening. In this 10 disc series, you'll begin to understand how God's favor and patience are poured out on you and others. You'll be awakened to the extraordinary divine nature and character of God, and sin will no longer have a stronghold over your life.

Lastly, you will obtain a copy of Pastor Dickow's power-packed notes called, The Grace Awakening Study Guide. You will be able to study Pastor's notes on grace and how you can apply it to your own life!
Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Authority to Pray and See Results Collection by Gregory Dickow Gregory Dickow Ministries, No More Trouble Collection
The Authority to Pray and See Results Collection
Resource Price: $85.00
Special Gift Amount: $40.00
No More Trouble Collection
Resource Price: $45.00
Special Gift Amount: $25.00
Pastor Gregory Dickow wants to reveal to you the power of God's righteousness within you and how his righteousness can establish the way that you pray! It's time to renew your mind to believe in your heart that you are loved, and the blood of Jesus has already washed you.

No More Trouble Collection

Now is the time to discover how the wisdom of God can usher in the freedom that you need to face your own trials and difficult situations in life!

Pastor Dickow has prayerfully assembled this unique collection, No More Trouble, to empower you to face each individual situation as it truly is from God's perspective.

First, you will receive Pastor Dickow's message "What to Do in Times of Trouble". This message will show you how to be free from denial, and will teach you to rely on God in the midst of your own difficult situations. You will learn to put a roadblock in front of your troubles, and begin to take steps towards your destiny to see your breakthrough miracle!

Next, you will receive over 5 hours of Biblical teaching and training through Pastor Dickow's 5 CD series "Help in Your Time of Need". This series will provide you with a Biblical plan when you are facing life's most difficult and challenging problems, and you will learn how to confront them in a Biblical manner to bring you to victory.

Finally, you will receive the limited edition Companion Confession Card. This card will enable you to keep your steps to victory with you on a daily basis. It can easily be carried in your purse or wallet as a reminder to walk in the steps that will initiate your breakthrough!

Gregory Dickow Ministries, Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over! Gregory Dickow Ministries, Breakthrough Thinking: I Can See Clearly Now Collection by Gregory Dickow
Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over!
Resource Price: $60.00
Special Gift Amount: $35.00
Breakthrough Thinking: I Can See Clearly Now Collection
Resource Price: $60.00
Special Gift Amount: $40.00

Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over!

Everyone is struggling and striving for God to give them something, to keep His promises, or to get God to do what He said He would do. With Pastor Gregory Dickow's empowering bundle, "Are We There Yet? Your Struggle Is Over" you will learn that that your struggle is already over!

First, you will receive two profoundly impactful CD series, "Resting on the Pillow of God's Promises" and "More Than Amazing Grace." These encouraging resources will both edify you in your God-given dominion over the storms and tribulations of this life, and inspire you to tap into the abundance of God's grace for your life!

Second, you will receive two of Pastor's uplifting books, "The Promises of Hope: 30-Day Devotional" and "More Than Amazing Grace." These refreshing writings will show you that the overwhelming forces of God's favor and grace far surpass the forces that are against you in life!

Breakthrough Thinking: I Can See Clearly Now Collection by Gregory Dickow

Get ready to receive all that God desires for you when you learn the steps to breakthrough thinking that will lead you to breakthrough living! You will experience breakthrough power, miracles, healing, and financial prosperity, just by thinking God's way!

First, you will receive the life-changing teaching series, Thinking God's Way! This three-CD series contains the years of training that Gregory Dickow has used to help so many people create the mind-set and atmosphere for breakthrough!

Next, you will receive the popular devotional book, Thinking Forward! Included in this straightforward read are the tools Gregory Dickow has used to see God do miracles in his own ministry! Forty days to breakthrough are coming your way with this material!

To make your thinking transformation complete, you can sign up for his Fast from Wrong Thinking emails. Join the hundreds of thousands who have changed their life through a simple 40-day journey! Whether you are battling depression, fear, hopelessness, or anxiety, Gregory Dickow has the solution! He will walk you day by day, step by step, through a revitalization of your thoughts by sending you a new Email every day for 40 days! JOIN NOW AT: http://www.fastfromwrongthinking.com/

Lastly, as an added bonus, you will receive Gregory Dickow's brand-new, newly edited, Fast from Wrong Thinking: A 40-Day Journey to Change from the Inside Out Devotional! This powerhouse resource contains dozens of positive thoughts to transform you by applying Scripture and the power of your words to change your thinking for good!