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Passing the Tests of Life
Pastor Gregory Dickow, Passing the Tests of Life

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In this life you will face tests, but the good news is, God will help you ace every test that life brings your way!

No one is immune to the tests of life, but by using God’s Word and principles you can pass the tests that come and use them as stepping stones for promotion.

In these two powerful CDs, Gregory Dickow shows you how to make the most of these divine opportunities for promotion. You’ll learn how to pass the tests of life with flying colors.

 -  The most important test

 -  The keys to advancement

 -  The purpose of pressure

 -  The power of preparation

 -  The tests you will face

You never have to miss another opportunity for promotion! God has already made a way for you to resist every temptation that comes your way, to overcome every trial you face, and to pass every test in life. You are guaranteed to fulfill your ultimate destiny when you let God prepare you every step of the way!
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  • 2 CD Series

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