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Our Covenant of Increase
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Our Covenant of Increase

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Are you living paycheck to paycheck, or just barely getting by? Or are you like the millions of Americans who are in FEAR of losing their income entirely? This fear robs from every area of your life - your physical AND mental health, and could even strain your marriage.

But imagine living in abundance - you and your family living healthy... safe... and happy! Well, you don't have to fear any longer! It's time to break free from doubt and worry and claim the blessing promised by your covenant with God!

Pastor Gregory Dickow reveals the steps to restoring your life and offers tools to help you receive an increase in the blessings God has promised! In the 3 part audio series 8 Indisputable Laws of Financial Increase, you'll discover how to manage your finances according to biblical principles and experience a breakthrough on the path to becoming debt-free! You don't have to be stressed any longer. What belongs to God belongs to YOU!

Pastor Dickow will also send you a copy of his book Here It Comes! Stepping Into the Overflow so you can share in the promises of God and learn what the scriptures say about His plans to bless you and keep you, and give you an abundant life! What God blesses He will also MULTIPLY!

You'll also receive the CD message "Our Covenant of Increase"! God wants to give you more than you can imagine. Discover now how to move beyond your limitations and let God provide everything you need!

Experience the promise of God's increase for you!
Items Included
  • Here It Comes! Stepping Into the Overflow,Our Covenant of Increase

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