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Mastering Your Emotions (4 CD Series)
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Mastering Your Emotions

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Mastering Your Emotions (4 CD Series)

EMOTIONS! Everybody has them and wouldn't you like to get control of them and make them work for you rather than against you? Fear, worry, anger, depression and anxiety are some of the emotions trying to control your future - but it's time to take them back! In Pastor Gregory Dickow's audio CD series, "Mastering Your Emotions," you will learn the simple steps to mastering your emotions instead of them mastering you. You will learn how to overcome emotional pain, trouble and turbulence in your life. You will find out how to stop anger before it leads to destruction in your home and your health. This series will help stabilize you emotionally and cause you to experience true freedom from anger, depression, anxiety and fear. "Mastering Your Emotions" will show you how you can be happy all the time and experience real peace and rest no matter what is happening around you.
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  • 4 CD Audio Series

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