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Living the Blessed Life
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Living the Blessed Life

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Living the Blessed Life

God has already given you the power to succeed! In this life-changing Living the Blessed Life collection, Pastor Gregory Dickow shows you how to obtain all the blessings that God has already given you! You will learn the 7 simple prayers for a blessed life, the power to conquer your flesh, and the simple steps to blessing in your life.

In Flesh Your Fired, Pastor Dickow will equip you with the understanding you need to learn how to stop being controlled by your flesh and to begin winning over it. You will learn how to stop the cycle of failure, how to walk in the spirit, and how to begin removing the limits that have been holding you back and much more! You'll begin experiencing the freedom you've always wanted. This teaching will truly be a blessing to you!

In the Revolutionary Devotional From the Inside Out: 40 Day Fast from Wrong Thinking, Pastor Dickow helps you identify, isolate and conquer those thought patterns, mindsets and mentalities that are at work to defeat you. Each day Pastor Dickow walks you through the steps to establish a renewed mindset built on the foundation of the Word of God because according to Proverbs 23:7, As a Man Thinks, So is He. This 40-day fast is a life-transforming period that will produce real change in your life, lasting change from the Inside Out.

This collection will truly help you experience how to finally Live a Blessed Life!
Items Included
  • Living the Blessed Life - 4 CD Series
  • Flesh Your Fired - 5 CD Series
  • From the Inside Out: 40 Day Fast from Wrong Thinking - Paperback Book

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