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JumpStart Your Finances
Gregory Dickow, Jump-Start Your Finances

Resource Price: $28.00

Product Code: CD170

Our God is a God of increase and He delights in your prosperity! He wants to give you supernatural increase and abundance in every area of your life—including your finances.

In these four powerful resources—one DVD and three audio CDs—Gregory Dickow shows you step by step how you can begin experiencing financial increase in your life today. The good news is your financial increase isn’t connected to the ups and downs of the stock market or economy!

In this series, you will learn:

- Why you can be confident that God wants to bring increase into your life

- What you must do to experience God’s unlimited power, promises and blessings

- Where you must sow your seed to always receive a miracle harvest

- When you can know for sure that God will entrust you with His riches

- How you can guarantee that you will receive a hundred-fold harvest

It’s time to break free from the hindrances and limits that have been holding you back. It’s time to begin experiencing increase and abundance. It’s time to jump-start your finances!
Items Included
  • 1 DVD
  • 3 Audio CDs

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