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How to Hear the Voice of God Today! (paperback book) - Ask the Pastor Offer
Gregory Dickow Ministries, How to Hear the Voice of God Today!, Ask the Pastor Special Offer


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I want to send a personal gift from me to you as an expression of God’s love for you and for helping to make this program possible. It is my book, How to Hear the Voice of God.
There are many voices in the world vying for your attention, but God wants you to be able to hear His comforting and delivering voice - today! From this book, you will learn the simple steps to hearing the voice of God every day. Experience God's Love - Supernatural protection - Deliverance from trouble - Abundant provision - The unmistakable voice of God and much more. By recognizing the voice of God, you will discover the peace, security and confidence that come from your loving Father! Don't live another moment without knowing how to hear the voice of God - TODAY!
I want to send it to you for any gift amount of support to our radio ministry.
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  • Paperback Book

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