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Healing the Father Fracture - (2 CD Series)
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Healing the Father Fracture

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Do you struggle with temptation? Bad habits? Lust? Do you wonder if you will ever stop being afraid? Do you feel anger or resentment toward other people? Do you often feel depressed? Do you compare yourself with others? Do you worry about measuring up? Do you worry that people would reject you if they knew the real you? Do you lack a sense of purpose or vision for your life? Struggles like these often stem from a Father Fracture. Your relationship with your earthly father impacts every area of your life. Whether he was good or bad, no earthly father is perfect. The way he raised you, or didn't raise you, results in hurts and fractures that can lead to so many problems and leave you feeling empty and far away from God. In this remarkable audio series by Pastor Gregory Dickow, you will learn how to heal the Father Fracture in your own soul. You will receive insights that will lead you into a more intimate relationship with your heavenly Father and satisfy the deepest longings of your heart. You will learn that the love of your heavenly Father is the only thing that can truly fulfill you. You will also discover how to become a better parent to your own children and the steps you can take that will lead to understanding and loving your earthly father.
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  • 2 CD Audio Series

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