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Gregory Dickow Ministries, Not Guilty! Gregory Dickow Ministries, Above Only: Reigning in This Life Gregory Dickow Ministries, Fearless Living by Gregory Dickow
Pastor Gregory Dickow, The Goodness of God Changes Everything, will show you how God’s incredible goodness can turn your darkest hour into brightest day. Gregory Dickow | God Will Right Every Wrong | No matter what was taken from you, God will get it back to you—and He’ll get it back to you in seven times better condition than when it was taken from you, seven times stronger, and seven times more . . . Gregory Dickow, Being in the Perfect Will of God
God Will Provide by Gregory Dickow Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Power of a Sound Mind Collection Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Power to Change Anything: The Ten Commandments of Change  Ask the Pastor
Pastor Gregory Dickow | Dream Thieves Collection by Gregory Dickow
Fast From Wrong Thinking System
Resource Price: 40.00
Supernatural Power of Communion
Resource Price: $45.00
Special Gift Amount: 35.00
y Gregory Dickow Ministries, Haiti Bible Donation Gregory Dickow Ministries, Success Is Knowing Who You Are
God Isn't Fixing This Collection by Gregory Dickow
Resource Price: $75.00
Special Gift Amount: 35.00
Haiti Bible Donation
Haiti Bible Donation 15.00
Success Is Knowing Who You Are
Resource Price: $60.00
Special Gift Amount: 30.00
Gregory Dickow Ministries,What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up Gregory Dickow Ministries,Change Your Words & Change Your World Gregory Dickow Ministries, Fearless How To Conquer Fear Forever
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Absolute Freedom From Anger Gregory Dickow Ministries, 30 Days of Rest Gregory Dickow Ministries, So Loved
Gregory Dickow Ministries, How to Hear the Voice of God Today! Gregory Dickow Ministries, How to Hear the Voice of God Today! Pastor Gregory Dickow's, Don't Sweat The Storm will help you take inventory of all that God has equipped you with -  His Word, His promises, His Spirit, and His power, and show you that you’re fully equipped to face every storm.
Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Cure for Anxiety - Single CD Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Promises of Hope Gregory Dickow, How to Have Faith
I am on a mission to teach you about God's relentless love
that simply changes everything!

Romans 2:4 says that it's the love of God; it's the goodness of God that leads us to repentance (or brings us to change).

Change is so much easier when you discover God's way. It's God's grace and God's love that changes us.

True Christianity is not about the promises we make to God, but the promises He makes to us. And that's what The Power to Change Today is all about. Here is our collection of Power to Change Today current show offer resources to help you understand God's promises.

—Gregory Dickow