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Gregory Dickow Ministries, The Gift & Unfailing Love Collection Gregory Dickow Ministries,God's Love & Grace Collection

God's Love and Grace Collection

God's Love Can Change Your Life

Change is so much easier when you discover God's way.


I am on a mission to teach you about God’s relentless love that simply changes everything! Romans 2:4 says that it’s the love of God; it’s the goodness of God that leads us to repentance (or brings us to change). Change is easier when you discover God’s way. God’s love changes us.
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Changed by Love! (Booklet) Gregory Dickow Ministries,Power to Be Free from Fear Collection
The pages of this remarkable little book offer a glimpse into an amazing love story—a love so revolutionary that it touched Gregory Dickow’s heart when he was only seventeen years old, a love so relentless that it changed his life forever, and a love so real that it will change your life today!

Power to Be Free
from Fear Collection

Fear and torment is
something that God doesn’t want His beloved children to live in—not another day
of our lives! Jesus bled and died for us to be FREE FROM FEAR AND TORMENT!  Why else would God tell us in Scripture that
His perfect love casts out fear .

Fear holds so many
of us back from fulfilling our destinies. He wants nothing to hinder you from
achieving His plan for your life! YOU CAN BE FREE FROM FEAR FOREVER!