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It’s time for you to have real financial peace and freedom!

Maybe you think that’s just a dream…maybe it sounds too good to be true. Gregory Dickow Ministries has many resources to offer you because we want you to live in the blessing and abundance that God has purposed to pour out on your life. Don’t live with less than He has for you!
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Gregory Dickow Ministries, Knowing Who You Are Collection Gregory Dickow Ministries, Spiritual Warfare: Stepping Into God's Purpose for Your Life Collection Gregory Dickow Ministries, God Will Restore: He's the Finder of Lost Things Collection
Knowing Who You Are Collection
Resource Price: $60.00
Special Gift Amount: $30.00
Spiritual Warfare: Stepping Into God's Purpose for Your Life Collection
Resource Price: $50.00
Special Gift Amount: $35.00
God Will Restore: He's the Finder of Lost Things Collection
Resource Price: $66.00
Special Gift Amount: $30.00
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Yes, You Can Prophesy Gregory Dickow Ministries, Walking in Divine Prosperity Collection Gregory Dickow Ministries, Financial Security & Freedom Package
Yes, You Can Prophesy
Resource Price: $30.00
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Our Covenant of Increase Gregory Dickow Ministries, Divine Prosperity: The Power of Seeking the Lord Gregory Dickow Ministries,Laws of Divine Prosperity (4 CD Series)
Our Covenant of Increase
Resource Price: $25.00
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Financial Freedom:  Strategies for a Blessed Life Gregory Dickow Ministries,What's Stopping My Harvest Gregory Dickow Ministries,Mastering Your Money
What's Stopping My Harvest
Resource Price: $42.00
Mastering Your Money
Resource Price: $28.00
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Powerful Resources for Your Financial Freedom

Would you like to receive help and practical solutions for the financial issues you might be facing? We here at Gregory Dickow Ministries want to help you find real financial freedom and peace. Do any of these financial conditions apply to you?

1. You sow much, but reap little.
2. You eat, but never seem to have enough.
3. You have clothes and shelter, but it seems like such a struggle.
4. You earn your wages, but the money seems to disappear so quickly.
We hope you find in this many books and CDs the Financial Peace & Freedom that can be yours today!

Proverbs 3:9; 10:4, 22; 11:24, 25; 13: 21, 22
I honor the Lord from my wealth and from the first of all my produce, and my barns are filled with plenty and my vats are overflowing…I am diligent in all my work and I am made rich…I thank You, Father, that it is Your blessing that makes me rich and no sorrow comes with it…Father, I thank You that as I scatter I will increase all the more…I am a generous man and I will be prosperous. I water others and I, too, will be watered…thank You that adversity pursues sinners, but I, a righteous man, am rewarded with prosperity…I call forth the wealth of the sinner into my life, for it is stored up for me…

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