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God's Supernatural Repayment Plan Collection by Gregory Dickow
Pastor Gregory Dickow | God's Supernatural Repayment Plan Collection by Gregory Dickow


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Framing Your Finances with Your Words

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God's Supernatural Repayment Plan Collection by Gregory Dickow

Experience God's supernatural repayment plan and move from struggle to success! God is ready, willing, and He is able to repay, make right, and reward you in the middle of any trial that you may face!

In this power-packed teaching series, Jumpstart Your Finances, Pastor Dickow will show you how to build the confidence you need to believe for God's best in every area of your life and discover the power to destroy the limits that have held you back from increase and abundance! This specially-packaged series contains 3 CDs and 1 DVD.

Next, you will receive the life-changing, 5-CD series, Changing the Way You Think About Money and Finances. Instead of living to serve your money, you can gain power and control over your money. Use it as a tool to do good for you, for your loved ones, and for the kingdom of God!

Also, you will receive the studio CD message in its entirety, God's Supernatural Repayment Plan. Pastor Dickow teaches how to see God's supernatural repayment plan begin to work in your finance, your health and your relationships! It is time to get YOUR stuff back, by taking back what the enemy has stolen!

Lastly, the popular mini-book, Financial Freedom, has been included to help you on your journey to true prosperity! In this guide, Pastor Dickow, takes you through 10 simple steps to get out of debt and stay out. Put this wisdom to work in your life and begin to reap the rewards of true freedom!

Now is the time to jump start your finances!
Items Included
  • Jumpstart Your Finances - 3 CD & 1 DVD Series
  • Changing the Way You think About Money and Finances - 5 CD Series
  • God's Supernatural Repayment Plan - Single CD Message
  • Financial Freedom - Mini Book

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