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Framing Your World With Your Words Kit
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Framing Your World With Your Words Kit

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The same power that launched light in the middle of darkness and created order out of nothingness is now available to you... to restore your family, heal your body, and provide for all of your needs!

Tap into God's creative ability by releasing the power of HIS WORD in your life! In his single CD,
The Authority of Your Words, Pastor Gregory Dickow reveals how your words have the power to set the course of your entire life! Leave your life of brokenness behind... Begin your new day of healthy, whole, and prosperous relationships, emotions, and thinking with words of life from the Word of God.

And as part of this special teaching offer, you'll get the CD series,
Framing Your World with Your Words. Learn how to prophesy God's Word into every situation in your life and experience His power to bring change! When you think like God thinks and say what God says, His life-changing power is released for you, your finances, your marriage and much, much more! As a special "thank you" for your support of Gregory Dickow Ministries global efforts, Pastor Dickow will send you the
Bible Promise Book. Packed with over 1000 promises taken directly from the pages of the Bible, you'll discover God's Word for every situation in life. Stand on His Word and watch His promises become a reality in your life. The Bible Promise Book is your personal gift from Pastor Dickow when you order this teaching offer.
Items Included
  • Framing Your World with Your Words,Bible Promise Book,The Authority of Your Words

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