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Dream Thieves Collection by Gregory Dickow
Pastor Gregory Dickow | Dream Thieves Collection by Gregory Dickow


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Resource Price: $35.00

Product Code: BUM3149

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Lasting Change From the Inside Out Devotional and Journal Package

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Dream Thieves Collection by Gregory Dickow

Now is your time to put an end to the devil's destructive plans against God's good plan for you and your loved ones!

In the dynamic, 3 CD series, Dream Thieves, Pastor Dickow reveals the tactics and tricks of the enemy that tries to rob you of your dreams and your destiny! You will gain the wisdom and insight you need to overcome the barriers and limitations that keep you from becoming all that God has called you to be! Nothing can stand in the way of God's dreams for your life!

Next, you will receive the power packed message, From Damage to Destiny! In this intimate and personal CD message, Pastor Dickow shares how to heal the fractures and damage that has been caused by a broken relationship with God! If you need a touch from the healing hand of your Abba Father, then this message is for you!

Lastly, you will receive the new Bible study titled, How to Fulfill God's Purpose for Your Life. Pastor Dickow answers that age old question, how to fulfill God's purpose, and he leads you through a life-changing message of faith and confidence in God's ultimate love for you! No matter how bad life has been, no matter what twists and turns your life has taken, God knows just what you are going through, and he's going to bring His purpose to pass!

God has an amazing plan for you and it begins today!
Items Included
  • Dream Thieves - 3 CD Series
  • From Damage to Destiny - Single CD Message
  • How to Fulfill God's Purpose for Your Life - Bible Study Book

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