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Discover the Treasure in You
Gregory Dickow Ministries,Discover the Treasure in You

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Did you know God has placed a treasure inside of you? But what is this treasure? What are you supposed to do with it? How does this treasure impact and change your life?

In this remarkable series, Gregory Dickow helps you discover what this amazing treasure is and how to release the benefits and power of it in your life. You'll learn how to command light to shine out of darkness ... the ability to call money out of the midst of lack, the ability to call forth healing in the midst of sickness, the ability to call peace forth in the midst of trouble all around you!

Whatever dark circumstances you may be facing in your life right now, you're not powerless and you don't have to accept it; instead, you can tap into this marvelous treasure that's in you and transform your situation with the power of God's Word!

In Genesis chapter 1, the Holy Spirit hovered over the darkness and void of the earth waiting for the Word of God to be spoken to go into action. The Holy Spirit is hovering over your situation waiting for you to release this treasure ... to command light to shine out of darkness ... so He can go into action and turn your circumstances around! Get ready to discover the treasure in you today!
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  • 4 CD Audio Series

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