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Breaking the Stronghold of Small Expectation Collection
Gregory Dickow Ministries, Breaking the Stronghold of Small Expectation Collection by Gregory Dickow


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Breaking the Stronghold of Small Expectation Collection by Gregory Dickow

In this powerful new collection, you’ll receive the 4 CD series, Ripping the Roof Off Your Limitations, where Pastor Gregory Dickow shows you how to tear the roof off your life! It’s time to peel away the hindrances and limitations that have been holding you back by addressing the common barriers of pain, bad decisions, low expectations, and the greatest lie of all - small thinking! God has called you to break through every barrier in your life and to mount up with wings as eagles. He has called you to soar above your circumstances and situations and to live a limitless life in His unlimited power, unlimited blessing, and unlimited love!

Also, receive the complete studio audio message, Breaking the Stronghold of Small Expectations, along with the daily devotional - Jump Start Your Day. Pastor Dickow shares that our expectations can open the door to promotion and supernatural favor in your life and it all starts with our thinking! Expectations can restore your family, transform your kids, heal you body! It can create open doors that have been closed for years, and can cause a miracle of supply and provision even under the most impossible circumstances!

Next, you will receive the easy-to-follow book, Winning the Battle of the Mind, where you’ll discover how to take negative thoughts captive, separate your thoughts from those of the enemy, and overcome worry, doubt, confusion, depression, and anger! By taking control of your mind, you can take control of your outcome!

Lastly, receive the powerful 2 CD series, Think Like God. God’s thoughts and His ways are higher than ours! To experience God’s higher way of living, you don’t need to try to live higher, you simply need to Think Like God! His plan and purpose for you is so much higher than you could ever ask or think, but you must rip the roof off of your thinking and stop limiting God. There’s no excuse for living a mediocre life because God has given you the mind of Christ, a sound mind, and the Word of God, which is His thoughts, to enable you to Think Like God!
Items Included
  • Ripping the Roof Off Your Limitations – 4 CD Series
  • Breaking Strongholds of Small Expectations – Single CD Message
  • Jump Start Your Day Devotional – Paperback Book
  • Winning the Battle of the Mind – Paperback Book
  • Think Like God – 2 CD Series

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