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Be Made Whole 2: Healing The Father Fracture v2
Be Made Whole 2: Healing The Father Fracture v2

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In Gregory Dickow's remarkable 2 CD series, Healing the Father Fracture, you will learn how to heal the Father Fracture in your own soul. You will receive insights that will lead you into a more intimate relationship with your heavenly Father and satisfy the deepest longings of your heart. You will learn that the love of your heavenly Father is the only thing that can truly fulfill you. You will also discover how to become a better parent to your own children and the steps you can take that will lead to understanding and loving your earthly father. This 2 CD Set will expand your faith to believe in God's supernatural ability to fix marred areas in your life.

Satan is an identity thief. He knows that if he can rob you of your identity as a child of God, he can prevent you from walking in the power and victory God intended for you. In Gregory Dickow's life-changing 4-CD audio series, Identity he will show you step by step how you can fulfill your destiny by discovering your true identity. You will learn:

- How you can tap into God's individual purpose for your life.
- What you must have to walk in the power of God.
- What it takes to successfully overcome temptation.
- Three things the devil tries to use to steal your identity.
- Why a revelation of love is the only source of true power.

Who you become and what you accomplish in your life ultimately depend upon your understanding of who you already are. Jesus knew who He was-He was confident and secure in His identity-and that's why He walked in the power of God. In the same way, your destiny is in your identity!
Items Included
  • Healing the Father Fracture - 2 CD Series
  • Identity - 4 CD Series

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